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Jason Bennecke, PE, MBA, PMP

Executive Vice President/CAO

Mr. Bennecke has accumulated over 28 years of extensive civil engineering and management experience while working on various Caltrans projects in different capacities. As a Project Manager in Caltrans District 8 for the past five years, Mr. Bennecke has been responsible for successfully delivering and maintaining a project portfolio worth over $500 million, mostly interchange projects in various stages of PA/ED or PS&E. His practical experience includes design of roadways, streets, street lighting, drainage channels, drainage structures, storm drains, sanitary sewer, and structural work. He has broad experience in project coordination with Caltrans, utility companies, cities, state agencies, and private property owners.

I-15/Cajalco Interchange, Corona, CA: Mr. Bennecke was responsible for guiding this $50 million project which has reconstructed the interchange located on Interstate 15 (I-15) at Cajalco Road from Temescal Canyon Road to Bedford Canyon Road. The $50 million dollar investment includes the widening of Cajalco Road from a two-lane bridge to a six-lane overcrossing bridge on a new alignment north of the existing bridge. In addition, the bridge includes a striped median, outside shoulders and a sidewalk on the southern side.

San Pablo Ave Phase 1 Streetscape Project, Palm Desert, CA: As the project manager, Mr. Bennecke was responsible for providing construction management and inspection services. The project is fully funded with City Funds, however, Mr. Bennecke ensured to document the project construction and progress payments in sufficient detail to comply with Caltrans Construction Manual, the Construction Manual Supplement for Local agency Resident Engineers, the Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) and the Local Agency Structure Representative Guidelines requirements and as directed by the City Engineer.

Complete Streets Improvements Project, La Quinta, CA: Mr. Bennecke was responsible for providing construction management, inspection, survey, and material testing services. The project is partially funded with State Only Active Transportation Funds, and therefore we documented the Project construction and progress payments in sufficient detail to comply with Caltrans Construction Manual and the Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) requirements and as directed by the City Engineer. Careful consideration was taken to develop a construction schedule based on the approved Stage Construction plans. The construction staging and schedule were developed to minimize impacts to the businesses and school during the season (November to April) and to minimize detours and closures to keep traffic flowing at all times. As such, the project was broken down into three phases.

Caltrans District 8 - On Call Project Management: Mr. Bennecke was responsible for maintaining a project portfolio of 15 separate in-house and oversight transportation improvements totaling in excess of $500 million in an effort to successfully deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget.  Highlights include successful delivery of ARRA-funded Bob Hope/Ramon Rd I/C project on I-10 in Coachella Valley, the Valley Way I/C reconstruction project on SR-60, completion of PA/ED for the Cajalco I/C reconstruction project on I-15, completion of PA/ED of the Clinton Keith I/C reconstruction project on I-15 in Wildomar, completion of PS&E approval for Nason improvement projects on SR-60 in Moreno Valley, and completion of the PS&E approval for the California Oaks interchange reconstruction project in the City of Murrieta.

I-10/Bob Hope Drive Interchange, Caltrans EA 45600: Mr. Bennecke served as project manager for this project which involved the construction of the Bob Hope Drive bridge and extension with a new diamond interchange near Rancho Mirage from 1.5 KM west to 0.9 KM east of Ramon Road Interchange.  The project had significant coordination with the Agua Caliente Tribe, BIA, the City of Rancho Mirage, the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG), the Union Pacific (UP) and the Riverside County Transportation Department (RCTD).  Mr. Bennecke was instrumental in obtaining $35 million in ARRA funds, which required extensive coordination with HQ Federal Resources, CVAG, RCTD, RCTC, and FHWA to meet very tight and strict funding deadlines.

I-15/Cajalco Interchange, Caltrans EA 0J610: Mr. Bennecke was responsible for guiding this $55 million interchange reconstruction project to successful PA/ED in the summer of 2009.  Extensive negotiations were necessary among RCTC, Caltrans environmental/design staff, the City of Corona, and FHWA.  The Modified Access Report was ultimately approved in 2010 by FHWA after careful planning, strategizing, and negotiating with FHWA.

I-15/Clinton Keith Road Interchange, Caltrans EA 0F580: Mr. Bennecke served as project manager for this project.  The project proposed to widen the existing four tight diamond ramps and widen the existing Clinton Keith OC to 8 lanes.  The County of Riverside was the lead agency for this $15 million project.  Mr. Bennecke was of critical importance in keeping the project moving forward in the face of several environmental related issues, including the 401 permit and tree replanting ratios.  This heavily congested interchange is the access point for much of the City of Wildomar residents and it is a bottleneck for traffic.  Mr. Bennecke worked closely with Caltrans design oversight engineers, RCTD staff and their design engineering firm to ensure a high-quality project was delivered on time.

I-15/Joint Port of Entry (JPOE), Caltrans EA 36850: Mr. Bennecke was responsible for the completion of the Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E) for a complex highway and building inspection facility.  This included extensive coordination with the BLM, CDFG, CDFA, USFWS to obtain 401, 404, 1602, and 2081 permits for the $61 million construction capital, scheduled to begin construction late 2012.  Mr. Bennecke was instrumental in negotiating the eligibility of about $28 million in federal funds for reimbursement from FHWA and saving over $7 million in previously expended support cots from being paid back to FHWA.

I-15 – Slab Replacement, Caltrans EA 0K300: Mr. Bennecke served as project manager on this project.  The HG SHOPP coordinator guaranteed to fund of about $6 million for construction if the project could be RTL’d by fall 2010.  At the time the project had not started PS&E.  Mr. Bennecke accepted the challenge and quickly went to work negotiating time frames for the tasks of PS&E, DOE, and HQOE to get to RTL within 9 mo.  Construction completed 1 month ahead of schedule and under budget.

Caltrans County of San Bernardino, Freeway Study Team: As Chief Design Engineer, Mr. Bennecke oversaw a design team of five engineers to complete 30% PS&E of the 21-mile long $1.2 billion new High Desert Corridor freeway near Victorville.  All preliminary design work was done using CAiCE design software and merged into Microstation DGN files in the proper coordinate plane.  GAD's for the entire 21 miles of mainline (including horizontal and vertical alignments), along with a CAiCE-designed freeway-to-freeway interchange (that has 34 horizontal curves, a collector-distributor road, and 9 different ramp alignments) has recently been submitted to the District 8 oversight unit for review and approval. Earthwork quantities, R/W needs, cut-fill lines, and layouts have been generated for use in various technical studies.  In addition, he worked with remaining team members, local agencies, FHWA, Caltrans, and County to keep PA&ED process on schedule.  This also included preparing weekly updates to GANTT chart in MS Project, which had over 400 project tasks.  While Assistant Project Manager and Project Engineer, Mr. Bennecke worked on PA&ED for $200 million TEA-21 funded I-15 widening project from Victorville to Barstow, including GAD’s, new connection reports, modified access reports, Area of Potential Effects (APE) maps, submittal of Advanced Planning Study (APS) documentation, Stormwater Data Report, and initiation/oversight of several different engineering and environmental reports including hydrology study, cultural, biological, historical, and right-of-way data sheets.  Preliminary design work was completed using CAiCE design software.